Hight Quality Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica For Sale

patek philippe nautilus replica

patek philippe nautilus replica - Transworld Round – An Elegant Traveler's Watch with Day and night Indications for Entire Globe

Transworld Round by patek philippe nautilus replica, a classic and stylish traveler's watch with a pebble-shaped casing with a thin sloping dial. The watch has an elegant dial with a globe at the center.Replica Watches The blue globe rotates throughout the day to show whether the planet is in the night or the day. The back of this modestly-sized timepiece reveals the automatic mechanical movement.

patek philippe nautilus replica's Transworld Round is characterized by elegance and simplicity. The dial is easy to read and shows this. The Arabic numerals are placed in three-hour increments, while the markers indicate all other hours. It is a 24-hour clock, but it retains the traditional layout with the 12 o'clock numeral at the top. The chapter ring's top part is placed on a white background, which indicates the day. While the bottom portion is placed on a dark setting that represents the night. This night and day indicator is shown as the globe rotates (with the South Pole at the center) and the blue oceans with silver land. In this case, the hour markers that are displayed can be very useful as they represent meridians. The manufacturer chose silver-colored skeletonized leaves to highlight the beautiful globe at the center.

The Genevese traveler's clock is housed in a 40mm diameter 316L stainless-steel housing. The thin bezel of this watch makes the dial appear larger despite its relatively small size.Rolex Replica Watches The timepiece also features a flat crown with a knurled surface and a sapphire glass. The case back is also made of sapphire to reveal the mechanical movement. The watch's construction is water-resistant up to 30 meters.